Glass Table Tops


Whether you are looking to protect your existing furniture with a table top glass covering,
or order a new piece of thick glass for a coffee table, we are here to assist you.

Protect your conference table

Give a complete stylish and shiny look to your conference table by installing a custom cut piece of glass on its surface.
This will not only protect your antique table but you will also remain tension free about spilling of coffee and food on it by your clients.
The whole process is done in very friendly manners by our staff.



Keep your furniture in hight condition:

  • Offices and homes
  • Conference tables
  • Rounded and square glass
  • Coffee tables
  • Dining room tables
  • Custom cut pieces

We suggest table tempering for the exterior tables instead of the interior ones as the process might affect the smoothness of the surface.

We manufacture glass table tops in various sizes and shape either any regular shape or the shape to be fit in a unique piece of furniture.Simple yet elegant shapes are cut with dimensions only whereas complicated shapes must need a template.

Edge Work


Glass Protector Tops and in 1/4?, 3/8? and 1/2? non-tempered custom cut sizes will have Flat polished edges unless advised otherwise.

Glass Standoff Counter and Bar Tops


Either you want to create dramatic entrance or enhance the visual appeal to your building entrance,
we will make sure to provide a modern entrance system for residential or commercial buildings.
Our staff coordinates with homeowners, architects and business owners to provide the technical
support about the usage of hardware, panics, locking devices, closers and push-pulls.
Strength, beauty and flexibility of designs are the basics to give you an ideal visual impact.

Glass Shelving


Steel Glass & Mirrors fulfill your needs of glass shelving as they offer wide range of simple glass
shelves or mounting options for glass shelves. Either you want shelves for cabinets or looking for
a custom audio rack, even you are in need of the shelves for retail store; you will get the shelves
of your demand and choice. We offer standard ground edges, polished edges, and beveled edges for the shelves.
We take the benefit of the machines to make the perfect notches, holes or anything to provide the best mounting system
installed in the record time. You can take the idea by checking out our gallery.

You can make out the difference in your homes or offices as we give some extra details on all our installations.
This differentiates us among our competitors and makes our work in Award Winning Homes throughout the US area.


You can transform your room and give it more appealing look by installing glass shelves.
American Glassworks Company provide unique solutions for your needs as we know that
glass shelves gives an alluring look to your rooms. We will guide you to go for the perfect finish,
glass, and hardware to save your time and money. So give your bathroom and kitchen a complete new
look with the installation of glass shelves.

Glass shelves are a stylish option for all your shelving needs:

  • Wall shelves
  • Book shelves
  • Corner shelves
  • Bathroom shelves
  • Cabinet shelves
  • Retail shelving
  • Display shelves