Essence Series Basic Sliding Door is a headerless system that offers a frameless appearance both vertically and horizontally. This header less system is famous for its delicacy and quietness. It is quite similar to frameless system and comes up with sliding and stationary panel each. Water management is done horizontally and vertically with an aid of lower track and DK98L seal. It offers many exciting features such as anti-pinch guards, anti-derails and 122mm wide tampered glass.

You will get one sliding and stationary panel in the serenity series sliding glass shower doors. Unlike traditional system, it is the advanced form of sliding shower doors since it is based upon both stationary and sliding panels. There is hardly any hardware used in these systems thus gives a floating appearance. Modern roller bearings provide us great comfort while opening or closing the door.

Hydroslide shower doors are an excellent design for compact areas.they were designed for full standing showers or above bathtubs. The Hydroslide System can accommodate a wide range of shower designs with fixed glass panels on either end, or both sides at 90 or 180 degrees. The Hydroslide System also accommodates the option of floor-to-near-ceiling glass panels with a sliding door. They also give an appealing look to your washrooms.

Semi-Frameless Shower Doors are a compromise between framed and frameless shower doors. This sliding door system comes with two sliding panels. You will not experience any delay even in the installation and fabrication due to our effective bolt-through top hangers.

The bi-fold shower door from American Glass. offers a beautiful frameless appearance paired with a space saving design at an exceptional value. The bi-fold shower door glides effortlessly to fold into the shower allowing ample walk-in space. If we merge the mechanisms of sliding and swinging doors, frameless doors will be produced. The best part is that it always open inside the bathroom thus does not allow dripping water comes outside. You are more than welcome to select your preferred size and style and then let us know about your final choice.