An ideal plan for leak-free and easy-to-maintain frameless enclosures is as follows:

  • The size and shape of a shower play a vital role in frameless enclosures to avoid the side effects of the water splash.
    At least 42’ in depth and 48” in width is an ideal shower size for frameless enclosures while for neo angled showers minimum 54”
    depth and width is recommended as smaller showers always face water retention problems.
  • The most suitable location of door is closer to the water controls.
    Keeping the building codes in mind, keep your shower doors to open outwards leaving enough space outside the shower.
    That is why we suggest door widths from 28’ to 36’ for single doors and double doors.
  • The best way of water management is to locate the shower head at the place from where it does not spray water directly on the door.
  • The ideal height of the shower glass should be 80” above the curb or as high as the shower head.
    The height of your glass enclosure can be obtained according to the architectural design.
  • A complete glass wall up to the ceiling or soffit is recommended for the steam
    glass enclosures that should be surfaced with tiles or any other water resistant material excluding painted sheet rocks.

All kinds of textured glass will add the elegance to your showers. We offer a good variety in glass such as
transparent and organic to improve the look and feel of your bathrooms.

To cordon of your area, we recommend installing sandblasted glass.
Selection of a decent hardware is as crucial as the selection of the right piece of glass so we also give great importance to it
Textured glass can greatly impact the final look of your bathroom.

In addition to your glass selection,
hardware can play a role in cre- ating the final appearance of your enclosure. Hinges, pulls, clamps, towel bars and hooks range from traditional
elegance to sleek minimalism – even industrial and Victorian in style – with many other transitional styles.

Hardware need to be chosen according to the comfort. We provide a full range of hardware either modern or traditional including towel bars,
glass towel hooks, pulls and hinges to match your needs in style

Customized and standard finishes are also available.
Attractive option of extending glass shelves is there to give a chic look to your bathrooms.

Usually 3/8’ tempered glass is used for frameless glass enclosures.
Besides standard offerings, Glass solutions can be customized according to the specific requirements of users.
We suggest ½’ glass for big enclosures. We offer wide range of styles in 3/8’ category.

Solid surface material should be used on the places where glass is going to be fixed especially horizontally.
We offer wide range of colors for the solid surfaces like Stone, Co-rian, Marble and Silestone.
Intersection of glass planes with a wall at 90 degree angle is recommended especially for the neo angle built at 135 degree walls.
For the typical 45” width curb, we suggest minimum tilt of 1/8” to a maximum of ¼”
towards the shower drain. Similarly, shower seats and benches should be tilted slightly for the removal of the water easily though the drain.

We suggest using tempered 3/8” glass for a general glass enclosure but for the taller enclosures, we recommend ½” thick glass

People prefer various kinds of textured glasses like transparent, almost invisible glass to geometric and organic patterns of neutral designs to give an appealing look to their bathrooms.
Sandblasted designs are also a good option for your privacy.
Custom-match finishes must be chosen by keeping an eye on lead time and up charge. We recently introduced glass towel hook for your convenience as they are easily reachable.
By using the visual lights and airy glass shelves, you can gain more space inner and outer of your showers.

Anatomy of a Shower enclosure

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Do select the horizontal surfaces of curbs, knee walls and smooth surface material to eliminate grout lines where water can collect.
  • Do select a door width of at least 28” and not more than 36”
  • Do build the walls at 90 degrees to the surface of glass
  • Do go for a glass panel with 4” minimum width and 36” maximum width.
  • Don’t go for the relief accent tiles closer to the glass plane.

Mins & Maxs

  • 4” Glass panel width minimum”
  • 40 SF Panel maximum size in square feet
  • 36” Maximum door width