Replacing Broken Glass in Commercial Storefront and Windows

  • Tinted, tampered and low-e coating glass
  • Single glass or insulated panes
  • Repairing or new-building of the storefront frames
  • Sealing or Caulking
  • Fire rated, safety, plexi-glass and laminates

Commercial Storefront Doors

  • Plexi-glass, fire rated, safety glass and leminates
  • Repairing broken parts and glass
  • Adjustment and repair of doors that do not close or lock in a proper manner
  • Accessories like closers, panics, pulls and sweeps

Tenant Improvements

  • Showcases and sliding windows
  • Tops of the table
  • Conference rooms
  • Mirrors
  • Decorative, signage and partition glass

Residential Property Services

  • Customized solutions for mirror installation
  • Shower enclosures
  • Storm windows
  • Customized repairing and new building of screens
  • Replacing the hardware and balancing the windows
  • Repairing patio doors including the repair of broken rollers and glass
  • Repairing every kind of residential glass windows